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The Ultimate Copywriting Guide | Fundamentals for Copywriters


This eBook is available as a PDF download.

Physical copies are not available at this time.

The Ultimate Copywriting Guide - Fundamentals for Copywriters

  • After writing my first eBook, The Ultimate Copywriting Guide for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, I discovered something.


    The fundamentals for writing great copy hold true, whether you're a business owner, a brand new copywriter, or a seasoned copywriter looking for a refresh.


    In this new edition, I've taken the core of the original and enhanced it with situations, examples and tasks unique to copywriters. I've highlighted the challenges of writing to a brief, the essentials to keep in mind for all copy, and lots of advanced tips to make your copywriting soar. 


    After 14 successful years as a creative copywriter, I've learned a fair amount. In this concise, digestible guide, I'm sharing the fundamentals of how to write great copy - copy that sells. 


    You'll learn:


    • What copywriting is 
    • How to write authentic copy that generates action
    • How to nail your client's tone of voice
    • How to use psychology to craft compelling copy
    • The basics of SEO and keywords
    • How to edit your own writing
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