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Storytelling is the key to great speechwriting

Storytelling is the key to great writing.

And there are few examples where storytelling soars more

than public speaking. When you think about the best

speeches you’ve ever heard? Someone wrote it first.

Think of a meeting you’ve sat in, where the seconds groan

past. Or an acceptance speech, where you internally

urge the winner to grab the trophy and shuffle off the


In fact, think of the last time you were standing in front of

a collection of people. Their expectant gazes trained on

you. Remember that jolt of panic? That grappling for something to say?

A well-crafted speech is the sure-fire ticket to make sure you captivate your audience, establish your authority, and eradicate the stress of public speaking.

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Why do you need a professional speech writer?

Speaking well is a skill, not just a natural talent. Even the greatest speakers – those who speak with emotion and energy – they still spoke words that were written down first.

Don’t leave your next presentation to chance. Don’t risk seeming unprofessional or unprepared. Don’t let your one-of-a-kind point of view go unspoken. 

Why work with me?

I’ve spent a lifetime learning, exploring, and developing my skills as a writer and storyteller. Over my 12+ year career as a copywriter, I’ve worked with the biggest brands you can think of.

I’ve helped countless start-ups craft their brand message, develop their unique voice and tell their story.

I’ve supported founders and entrepreneurs stand up tall and proud for speaking engagements, in front of hundreds of their peers and prospects, and deliver speeches that get their audiences up on their feet.

To deliver a speech that helps carve you out as a thought leader and a unique thinker, let’s work together.


Let's get started

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Hi, I'm Rebecca.

I'm a creative digital copywriter, copy editor and content marketer, with over 10 years of experience.


I've worked in freelance, agency and in-house roles, from multi-million-pound companies, to international fashion and lifestyle publications.

In other words, I'm the copywriter you'll want to hire.

Rebecca Chuks Headshot


Word on the Street

In my experience, Rebecca is a versatile copywriter and a proactive content manager that was a real asset to our team at Ryman. Her skills range from punchy marketing copy to SEO optimised blogging and content creation across various online and offline mediums. Always willing to take on a new challenge, I found her enthusiastic, motivated and energetic, and a pleasure to work with.

Julian Moscov, SEO & Content Lead @ Ryman Stationery

Rebecca is always my ‘Go-To’ for on-point, creatively executed, memorable copy that delivers on brief every time. She is customer-centric by default and organically provides constructive counsel on every aspect of the product / proposition, not just the copy - adding value at every point. She is both incredibly professional and also very personable making her a real pleasure to work with.

Zena El-Farra, VP - Head of Community Segment @ Barclays

Rebecca is an extremely talented, hard-working and professional Copywriter, and has been a pleasure to work with. She is creative, competent and very adaptable to different writing styles. Rebecca joined the Rank Group on a short-term contract and if I had the option to keep her, I definitely would. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone and would certainly hire her again

Sam Groombridge, Casino and Content Manager @ Grosvenor Casinos

Well, I mean - it'll be pretty solid. 
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