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Freelancer? Entrepreneur? Side-hustler?

You need:

The Ultimate Copywriting Guide for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners 

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I’m going to share something I already know about you. And I know it because you’re a small or micro business owner, or an entrepreneur, or an influencer, or a perennial side hustler.


What I know is ‘normal’ just doesn’t appeal to you.

And I know this because I’m exactly the same, and I realised it

early on in my career.

For people like us, the 9 – 5 is a great start, but it’s just not the

end goal. We want to create something for ourselves – create

a career that’s a little different.


Whether that’s starting a business, launching products, full-time

content creation, or picking up a side hustle, we do it our way.

Yes – you know how to create a life, a business, that makes sense for you. But do you know how to do the most important part of that business?

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Do you know how to say just the right things to turn a browser into a buyer? To turn a potential customer into a client? To turn a scroll into a sale?

Copywriting is the skill to do just that.


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Amazon Customer

The focus of this concise but informative guide is, on the surface of things, a way for non-copy pros to write some sharp stuff for their own websites and business. And while I'm sure it serves that purpose well, I believe it has a second, equally important purpose in that it's a brilliant guide for existing and aspiring copywriters .

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J.W., Small Business Owner

I do a lot of my own copy, and this guide definitely helps, great for small business people also if you outsource the job, it helps to give you awareness on how to asses someone and determine if they truly know what they are doing.


A.J., Copywriter

Words are important. They can earn you sales, customers and brand loyalty. This guide covers everything you need to know if you’re starting a business.


Rebecca has decanted her 10+ years of experience into this guide. It’s structured very well, and the information is accessible and genuinely helpful.

Go buy it. I did!

At its core, great copywriting isn’t about clever puns or beautiful phrasing – it’s about sales.

And with more than 10 years of experience as a copywriter, I can teach you what you need to know.

In The Ultimate Copywriting Guide for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners you'll learn:

  • What copywriting is and why it's crucial for your business

  • How to understand your customers and speak to them in the right way

  • The psychology behind sales and how to sell


Start writing well and selling today.

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